Cream veggie soup: my favorite recipes

I’ve been in love with soups for a few months, with a particular passion for the cream soup. They are warm, comforting, healthy, light, nourishing and easy to prepare. I love to go to the market and choose the vegetables, go back home and start cleaning and chopping carrots, pumpkin, potatoes, celery and so on. I can smell the freshness of vegetables and it makes me feel so close to the earth where these products come from. There’s lots of ways to cook a delicious vegetable soup and it’s nice to change, experiment and create new recipes.

Here are my 5 favorite cream soups, the ones I love to prepare and eat in cold evenings. The portions are for 4 if you plan to have another course either before or after the soup, otherwise the portions have to be considered for 2 people.


I found out this recipe thanks to Giallozafferano (famous Italian food blog) and I fell in love with it, especially because it taught me how to use lettuce in an different way!

Start making the vegetable stock (750cl). Sweat the sliced leeks in a pot with some oil. Take the lettuce and get rid of the external leaves, use the remaining leaves, wash and slice them into strips and add them to the pot until the leek becomes translucent. Cook for a few minutes and then add the stock. Keep cooking for 20 minutes on low heat, adding salt and pepper if necessary. Drain the lettuce and blend it separately. Add 30g of breadcrumbs to the water you used to cook and stir gently. Add the cream of lettuce and keep cooking it until you get the desired texture.

Lettuce and yogurt cream soup with homemade brown bread © Sg

Lettuce and yogurt cream soup with homemade brown bread © Sg

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