Let’s go have a beer in Belgium

Last fall my parents came to Amsterdam to visit me and it’s been awesome to be spoiled for a bit from mum and dad. We spent a few days in a beautiful and sunny (!) Amsterdam walking and chit chatting and then we decided to rent a car and go to Belgium for a weekend.


After having passed the flat Dutch countryside, whose fields and windmills have been well reproduced by Flemish painters, we crossed the border and our first stop has been Antwerp. This city has been Rubens’ house for 10 years and today is a sophisticated place loved by hipsters and it has an interesting voice in fashion and design fields. The city center is  quite small, perfect for a nice walk and it has one the most beautiful churches in North Europe: Onze Lieve Vrouwekathedraal (=Cathedral of Our Lady).

Main square in Antwerp - Belgium

Main square in Antwerp – Belgium © Sg

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