The best pizza hotspots in Amsterdam

I always love trying different kinds of cuisine and I must say in Amsterdam it’s quite easy to find good Chinese/Thai/Indian/Indonesian/French (and many many more) restaurants. If someone asked me “what dish would you bring if you had to move to another planet?”, I would reply with no hesitation: pizza! Pizza is home to me, if I think about it and I get instantly hungry, it is one of the beautiful things Italia made. But pizza is serious stuff and it’s not easy to find a very good pizzeria, especially outside Italy. It’s all about good ingredients, natural raising, wooden oven and a proper cooking time.

Here is the list of my favorite pizzerias in Amsterdam, where you can have amazing pizza Italian style!


Pizza margherita at Fuoco Vivo, Amsterdam

Pizza margherita at Fuoco Vivo, Amsterdam © Sg

My favorite pizzeria is Fuoco Vivo, a restaurant in De Clercqstraat with a great pizza. Always cooked in an excellent way and with good ingredients. I still remember the first time I called to reserve a table for dinner and they picked the phone talking in Italian: I felt so much at home! Bonus: the outside tables, nice for summer dinners.
ADDRESS: Fuoco Vivo – De Clercqstraat 12 Amsterdam

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To Rome with (so much) love

The Great Beauty is one of my favorite movies. Sorrentino’s direction and Servillo’s performance are definitely stunning, but what makes me fall in love every time is Her, the magnificent Rome. While I see flowing the images of Roman terraces along the Tiber river, the sunsets, that warm light you can find only there, the crowded and empty squares, I can feel a strange emotion made of affection and melancholy.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum © Sg

At that point I start pacing up and down because I feel I have to go to Rome very soon otherwise my heart will explode. So I start looking for trains or planes offers and I begin to plan nice things to do there. That’s what happened a few months ago, when I left from Milan after having booked Italo speed train and a lovely loft in Trastevere using Airbnb (I never gave  enough credit to this neighborhood – I thought it was a place for American tourists dressed with short-sleeved shirts – and I changed my mind after this experience).

Here are some places that I visited during my Roman weekend that, in my opinion, deserve a special mention:

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