Costa Smeralda: my holiday in Sardinia

A few weeks ago I went to Sardinia for the first time in my life. You know what they say: you travel around the world but you don’t know the wonderful places of your own country. Well, there you go.  I decided to start from the area I’ve always heard marvelous things: Costa Smeralda in Northern Sardinia. And as expected, I fell in love. Not only for the crystal sea, the enchanting Mediterranean nature and the amazing traditional cuisine, but also because – since I was there in June during the low season – I’ve met just a few tourists and I had the opportunity to enjoy the  peace of that wonderful place.

Capriccioli beach in Costa Smeralda

Capriccioli beach in Costa Smeralda © Sg

Sunset in Baja Sardinia

Sunset in Baja Sardinia© Sg

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Classic Italian lasagne Bolognese: my traditional recipe

Lasagne means comfort food to me. Vegetarians aside, everybody loves lasagne. Full of taste, fragrance and tradition. When I eat this dish I can say I’m happy. The most difficult step in making lasagne is the preparation of bolognese sauce. In this post I’ve explained how to make it according to my legendary mum’s recipe. Once the bolognese sauce is ready, put it aside and dedicate yourself to the bechamel sauce and to assemble the remaining ingredients. I’m sure your lasagna will be a success!

Lasagne bolognese

Lasagne bolognese © Pianeta donna

ingredients to make lasagne for 4 PEople

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How to make homemade tagliatelle: the original recipe

In Italy I have an amazing neighbor: she’s from Emilia Romagna and she has a radiant personality, I can talk to her about anything and everything, she has always delicious cookies at home and she makes fresh pasta at least once per day (I quote her: ‘making pasta brings joy’). She worked in several countries in Europe, she can speak 4 different languages, she’s truly passionate about ayurveda and spices. She’s a very interesting person. It’s a pity she spends 6 months per year in Emilia-Romagna, because in Milan there’s not enough sun and ‘there’s no respect for those who want to cycle’.

Everytime we are both in Milan I go to her place to get some cooking lessons with a particular focus on classic recipes from Emilia-Romagna. I believe Italian people who love cooking should know how to roll the dough to make fresh pasta or how to prepare a proper filling for tortellini. It’s part of our culture and of who we are.

Last time we met we prepared tagliatelle with borage, a delicious variety of the more common version with spinach. Here is the recipe my sweet neighbor taught me!

Flour, eggs, borage

Flour, eggs, borage © Sg


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Lasagna with asparagus, scamorza and almonds

I love lasagna and I love asparagus. For me the combination lasagna + asparagus is the closest thing to heaven. When I read the delicious recipe Lasagna with asparagus, scamorza and almonds on one of my favorite Italian food blogs Gnambox, I understood it would have become one of my favorite recipes of all times!

Here is the result of my efforts:

Lasagna with asparagus, scamorza and almonds

Lasagna with asparagus, scamorza and almonds ©Sg

Lasagna with asparagus, scamorza and almonds – ingredients for 4 people

  • 10 fresh pack lasagne sheets
  • 1 kg asparagus
  • 500 g ricotta
  • 600 g scamorza
  • 100 g peeled almonds
  • salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil

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