Take me to the sea (in Holland)

It took me a while to understand it’s possible to go to the beach in the Netherlands. When I moved to Amsterdam I didn’t realized the sea was so close and that it implied the presence of the beach. I realized that after a few months, when the summer broke – well let’s say when the temperatures reached 20/25 °C – and my Dutch friends started asking “so, shall we go to the beach this weekend?”.

The beach is wide and sandy, while the sea…well, I must say it’s not  as clear and warm as the sea in Sardinia. The water is very clean, but the wind lifts the sand and makes the sea dark and unwelcoming. I like it anyway, maybe because I spent lots of summers in Romagna region in Italy, where the sea is not crystalline at all.

Zandvoort beach

Zandvoort beach © Sg

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2 nights in Paris

I promised to myself every year I’ll spend a weekend in Paris: I believe it’s good for the heart and it fills the soul with beauty.

Let’s face it: Paris is a huge and extremely touristy city and Parisians usually look people up and down (assuming they take the trouble to look at us…), but it’s tremendously intriguing and it’s hard not to resist to its charm.

Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame de Paris © Sg

Every time I go to Paris I like to stay in hotels in some central areas (like Marais, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Latin Quarter, etc …), but this year I decided to change, opting for a more authentic area.

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My gothic weekend in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a small bonbon, you can spend your holiday here walking lazy and eating butter biscuits, but you can also have fun enjoying the nightlife made of a vast number of clubs and atmospheric old pubs. Edinburgh is a great destination for everyone: those who seek art and culture, those who want to know if it’s true that Scottish and English can’t stand each other, those who want to be inebriated by folk music and those who want to spend some time kissing leaning against the wall of the castle. Here is a selection of what I have seen, done, eaten and drunk during my weekend in the capital of Scotland!

A bagpiper in Edinburgh © Sg

A bagpiper in Edinburgh © Sg


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Best places to visit in the Netherlands

I’ve been living in the Netherlands for two years and I traveled and explored the country quite extensively. It’s not as complex as Italy or France and there isn’t the landscape variety you can find in Scandinavia, but there are a lot of beautiful things to do and to see. It’s plenty of art, history, wonderful cities and amazing restaurants. I put together a list of places worth visiting if you are planning a trip to the Netherlands!


As the Michelin guide would say, Amsterdam by itself worth the journey. The capital of Holland is exciting, international, charming. In this post you can find the 10 best things to do in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam: the most popular destination in the Netherlands

Amsterdam: the most popular destination in the Netherlands © Sg


Rotterdam was almost completely destroyed by bombs during the Second World War and it was rebuilt with a innovative style: many modern buildings many of them designed by famous architects – have given a futuristic skyline to the city. Rotterdam today is an exciting city where design and architecture can find high expressions and it’s a popular destination for people who want to have an international experience. Not to be missed the Erasmus bridge, the modern art museum Kunsthal and the largest covered market in the Netherlands, the Markthal. If you want to have a very special dinner, I recommend the restaurant FG Food Labs.
Markthal in Rotterdam

Markthal in Rotterdam © Sg

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White truffle – a tasty experience in Italy

Once a year in Autumn I give myself the luxury to go to Italy in Piedmont to eat white truffle. I usually go for lunch to my favorite restaurant in the countryside (I’ve had already talked about it here) so after that I still have the whole afternoon to go for a walk in Alba or to enjoy a drive in the vineyards in the Langhe region. The sublime flavor combined with a day trip in the misty and enchanted countryside is my idea of heaven.


The truffle is a mushroom that grows underground in a spontaneous way next to the roots of some trees and depending on the type of tree, the truffle will have a particular smell and color. A truffle grown close to an oak, for example, has a more intense smell, while a truffle grown close to a linden is more clear and aromatic. The rain, the earth and the wood scent create a unique flavor, that will please the palate with its powerful and incomparable taste. Unfortunately, the white truffle is a very rare product, not only because it grows almost exclusively in the area surrounding Alba between September and December, but also because it depends on seasonal factors that can influence the way it grows and therefore the quantity .

Fresh white truffles

Fresh white truffles © Sg

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