My 10 favorite patisseries in Milan

Patisserie is something really serious: scientific dosages, endless experiments, secret recipes, all of that to create something able to transform even the worst day into something acceptable. I am a great lover of good patisserie and I’m always looking for the perfect croissant, the cake that makes everyone happy at a dinner with friends and beautiful pastries to take to mom on Sundays. After years of search and tastings, I think I’m ready to make the list of my 10 favorite patisseries in Milan!

1) Best patisseries in milan – SISSI

If you want to have the best croissant in Milan, you’ll find it in this fantastic patisserie run by an Italian-Senegalese family. The venue is very small and crowded during the weekend, but the custard and the chocolate cream are really worth it. Not to be missed the savory croissants filled with ham.
ADDRESS: piazza Risorgimento 6, Milan

Sissi - one of my favorite patisseries in Milan

Sissi – one of my favorite patisseries in Milan @ Nuok

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The 10 best coffee spots in Amsterdam

I’ve recently found out that coffee in Australia is something people take very seriously. My Australian colleagues told me their love/ obsession for coffee (and coffee spots!) belongs to Italian and Greek immigrants who moved to Australia after the second world war and started sharing their biggest passion. There’s a lot of criteria to be considered to judge the quality of a coffee: how the bean has been roasted, the temperature/ quantity/ quality of milk, the texture of the foam and – why not – the uniqueness of coffee milk designs.

The most popular coffee beverage in Australia is the flat white, made by pouring steamed milk over a double shot of espresso. But also cappuccino, espresso, macchiato and latte go strong. It’s quite a cultural shock for Australians who live abroad not having the chamce to enjoy great coffee made by their trusted barista. After a search of months, one of my Australian colleagues wrote down his personal list of best coffee spots in Amsterdam and he shared it with me!

One of best coffee spots in Amsterdam

One of best coffee spots in Amsterdam @ Bakers and Roasters FB page

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Perfumes and fragrances: my favorite brands

I’m a perfume enthusiast: I love looking for new fragrances, understanding how my taste changes time after time and what’s the best scent that suits my skin. My preferences change according to my mood, the period of my life, the recent trips I’ve had, the memories I want to evoke. Here are my favorite perfume and fragrance brands!


Penhaligon's fragrances © Beauty Kiss

Penhaligon’s fragrances © Beauty Kiss

I still remember the day when I discovered this brand. It was December and I was in London visiting my sister who was living there at that time. I was walking in Regent Street charmed by the Christmas lights and the festive atmosphere we all could breathe when all of a sudden I came across a small but wonderful perfume shop selling only Penhaligon’s fragrances. I got curious and I entered: I got dragged in a sophisticated world made of luxury and precious ingredients embodied in a fragrance that can be easily worn everyday. My favorite fragrances are Juniper Sling, made of gin, cardamom and leather notes and Opus 1870, whose heart is made of roses, lemon and sandalwood.

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Best cocktail bars in Amsterdam: my favorite ones

In Amsterdam there’s not the same cocktail scene you can find in London, that’s true. But we must say things have changed in the last few years and some interesting cocktail bars have popped up in town. Daring bartenders blend gin and other spirits with spices, syrups, fresh in order to make sophisticated and balanced cocktails. It’s not cheap to have a very good cocktail in Amsterdam: unfortunately that’s the price to pay to enjoy entire worlds enclosed in a glass.

Gins at Door 74

Gins at Door 74 © Sg

Enjoy this list of my favorite cocktail bars in Amsterdam! My choice has been based not only on the drink per se, but also on the quality of ingredients, the venue and the service.

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How to book a trip: the best websites to use

In my mind EVERYONE prefers to book a trip in an autonomous way: flights, hotel, car, whatever you need to arrange a trip. I recently found out my assumption was wrong so I decided to write this post! If you don’t want to book your vacation with a travel agency, there are several websites that can help you to better understand the crowded overview of travel offerings.

Here is the list of websites I use regularly that you should definitely take into consideration to book a trip!


This flight search engine allows you to find the cheapest solution in a few clicks. Just enter the departure city (or the country) and the arrival one, the dates and the number of travelers. The algorithm compares the updated offers of all airlines and shows you a series of results sorted according to a price criteria. You can also refine further the results thanks to some filters such as the number of stopover and the journey duration. The search option ‘select the entire month’ is very useful in case you don’t know the exact departure date yet. It’s essential to compare the options, but it’s always better to check the final cost on the airline website.

How to book a trip - the best websites

How to book a trip – the best websites © Sg

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