My 10 favorite patisseries in Milan

Patisserie is something really serious: scientific dosages, endless experiments, secret recipes, all of that to create something able to transform even the worst day into something acceptable. I am a great lover of good patisserie and I’m always looking for the perfect croissant, the cake that makes everyone happy at a dinner with friends and beautiful pastries to take to mom on Sundays. After years of search and tastings, I think I’m ready to make the list of my 10 favorite patisseries in Milan!

1) Best patisseries in milan – SISSI

If you want to have the best croissant in Milan, you’ll find it in this fantastic patisserie run by an Italian-Senegalese family. The venue is very small and crowded during the weekend, but the custard and the chocolate cream are really worth it. Not to be missed the savory croissants filled with ham.
ADDRESS: piazza Risorgimento 6, Milan

Sissi - one of my favorite patisseries in Milan

Sissi – one of my favorite patisseries in Milan @ Nuok

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Take me to the sea (in Holland)

It took me a while to understand it’s possible to go to the beach in the Netherlands. When I moved to Amsterdam I didn’t realized the sea was so close and that it implied the presence of the beach. I realized that after a few months, when the summer broke – well let’s say when the temperatures reached 20/25 °C – and my Dutch friends started asking “so, shall we go to the beach this weekend?”.

The beach is wide and sandy, while the sea…well, I must say it’s not  as clear and warm as the sea in Sardinia. The water is very clean, but the wind lifts the sand and makes the sea dark and unwelcoming. I like it anyway, maybe because I spent lots of summers in Romagna region in Italy, where the sea is not crystalline at all.

Zandvoort beach

Zandvoort beach © Sg

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The 10 best coffee spots in Amsterdam

I’ve recently found out that coffee in Australia is something people take very seriously. My Australian colleagues told me their love/ obsession for coffee (and coffee spots!) belongs to Italian and Greek immigrants who moved to Australia after the second world war and started sharing their biggest passion. There’s a lot of criteria to be considered to judge the quality of a coffee: how the bean has been roasted, the temperature/ quantity/ quality of milk, the texture of the foam and – why not – the uniqueness of coffee milk designs.

The most popular coffee beverage in Australia is the flat white, made by pouring steamed milk over a double shot of espresso. But also cappuccino, espresso, macchiato and latte go strong. It’s quite a cultural shock for Australians who live abroad not having the chamce to enjoy great coffee made by their trusted barista. After a search of months, one of my Australian colleagues wrote down his personal list of best coffee spots in Amsterdam and he shared it with me!

One of best coffee spots in Amsterdam

One of best coffee spots in Amsterdam @ Bakers and Roasters FB page

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How to create the perfect cheese platter

I cannot think of a dinner at home or in a restaurant that doesn’t end without a cheese tasting, I love it! Fresh, firm, soft or blue, I can’t get enough of it (without caring of cholesterol). In Italy (and also in the Netherlands, hooray!) it’s quite easy to find high quality cheese, the main problem is: how to serve it. Too many times I felt embarrassed trying to figure out how to cut cheese without making a mess, or if it’s correct starting from a certain piece or if the chutney I’m using for my tasting is appropriate.

I decided to gather some information about this thorny topic and I wrote down the rules of cheese etiquette!

Cheese served with homemade jam

Cheese served with homemade jam © Sg


Generally speaking, cheese can fill you up quite easily and it’s high in calories, so be careful to the make the right portions according to the moment of the meal when you want to serve it:

  • Appetizer: no more than 80 grams per person
  • Proper tasting: the right portion is around 140 grams per person (from 5 to 7 pieces)
  • End of the meal: between the main course and the dessert, it’s better to serve 60 grams

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White truffle – a tasty experience in Italy

Once a year in Autumn I give myself the luxury to go to Italy in Piedmont to eat white truffle. I usually go for lunch to my favorite restaurant in the countryside (I’ve had already talked about it here) so after that I still have the whole afternoon to go for a walk in Alba or to enjoy a drive in the vineyards in the Langhe region. The sublime flavor combined with a day trip in the misty and enchanted countryside is my idea of heaven.


The truffle is a mushroom that grows underground in a spontaneous way next to the roots of some trees and depending on the type of tree, the truffle will have a particular smell and color. A truffle grown close to an oak, for example, has a more intense smell, while a truffle grown close to a linden is more clear and aromatic. The rain, the earth and the wood scent create a unique flavor, that will please the palate with its powerful and incomparable taste. Unfortunately, the white truffle is a very rare product, not only because it grows almost exclusively in the area surrounding Alba between September and December, but also because it depends on seasonal factors that can influence the way it grows and therefore the quantity .

Fresh white truffles

Fresh white truffles © Sg

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