Costa Smeralda: my holiday in Sardinia

A few weeks ago I went to Sardinia for the first time in my life. You know what they say: you travel around the world but you don’t know the wonderful places of your own country. Well, there you go.  I decided to start from the area I’ve always heard marvelous things: Costa Smeralda in Northern Sardinia. And as expected, I fell in love. Not only for the crystal sea, the enchanting Mediterranean nature and the amazing traditional cuisine, but also because – since I was there in June during the low season – I’ve met just a few tourists and I had the opportunity to enjoy the  peace of that wonderful place.

Capriccioli beach in Costa Smeralda

Capriccioli beach in Costa Smeralda © Sg

Sunset in Baja Sardinia

Sunset in Baja Sardinia© Sg

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Trenette with homemade pesto, potatoes and green beans

Pesto comes originally from Liguria, a coastal region in the North of Italy. I don’t come from that region so in theory I wouldn’t be entitled to teach anything about pesto, a great product known and loved by everyone. And at the same time I shouldn’t be talking about trenette, which is an amazing type of narrow and flat pasta coming from the same region. However I have a very close friend of mine who comes from a town called Alassio in Liguria; she gave me her personal recipe of trenette with homemade pesto. This dish is a variation of the classic pesto and I want to share it with you because I think it’s great!

Trenette with pesto

Trenette with pesto © Le ricette di Lara

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My trip to Scotland looking for William Wallace

One of my favorite movies ever is Braveheart, every time I see it I start crying like a puppy. One of the main characters is the Scottish landscape that is just breathtaking both for its magnificence and the melancholy that evokes. For this reason and because of many enthusiastic reviews from my friends I decided to organize a trip to Scotland. Unfortunately I could only take 5 days off, so my boyfriend and I tried to focus on the best destinations of Scotland, according to what travel guides suggest. Here is the description of my trip from Edimburgh through the Highlands with a short description of each day!

The steps of my trip in Scotland © Sg

The steps of my trip in Scotland © Sg


Our tour began in Edinburgh because that’s where we landed coming from Amsterdam. Here is my post on the two days spent in Edinburgh, including pubs and walks!

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My gothic weekend in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a small bonbon, you can spend your holiday here walking lazy and eating butter biscuits, but you can also have fun enjoying the nightlife made of a vast number of clubs and atmospheric old pubs. Edinburgh is a great destination for everyone: those who seek art and culture, those who want to know if it’s true that Scottish and English can’t stand each other, those who want to be inebriated by folk music and those who want to spend some time kissing leaning against the wall of the castle. Here is a selection of what I have seen, done, eaten and drunk during my weekend in the capital of Scotland!

A bagpiper in Edinburgh © Sg

A bagpiper in Edinburgh © Sg


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The 10 best coffee spots in Amsterdam

I’ve recently found out that coffee in Australia is something people take very seriously. My Australian colleagues told me their love/ obsession for coffee (and coffee spots!) belongs to Italian and Greek immigrants who moved to Australia after the second world war and started sharing their biggest passion. There’s a lot of criteria to be considered to judge the quality of a coffee: how the bean has been roasted, the temperature/ quantity/ quality of milk, the texture of the foam and – why not – the uniqueness of coffee milk designs.

The most popular coffee beverage in Australia is the flat white, made by pouring steamed milk over a double shot of espresso. But also cappuccino, espresso, macchiato and latte go strong. It’s quite a cultural shock for Australians who live abroad not having the chamce to enjoy great coffee made by their trusted barista. After a search of months, one of my Australian colleagues wrote down his personal list of best coffee spots in Amsterdam and he shared it with me!

One of best coffee spots in Amsterdam

One of best coffee spots in Amsterdam @ Bakers and Roasters FB page

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