My 10 favorite patisseries in Milan

Patisserie is something really serious: scientific dosages, endless experiments, secret recipes, all of that to create something able to transform even the worst day into something acceptable. I am a great lover of good patisserie and I’m always looking for the perfect croissant, the cake that makes everyone happy at a dinner with friends and beautiful pastries to take to mom on Sundays. After years of search and tastings, I think I’m ready to make the list of my 10 favorite patisseries in Milan!

1) Best patisseries in milan – SISSI

If you want to have the best croissant in Milan, you’ll find it in this fantastic patisserie run by an Italian-Senegalese family. The venue is very small and crowded during the weekend, but the custard and the chocolate cream are really worth it. Not to be missed the savory croissants filled with ham.
ADDRESS: piazza Risorgimento 6, Milan

Sissi - one of my favorite patisseries in Milan

Sissi – one of my favorite patisseries in Milan @ Nuok

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Cream veggie soup: my favorite recipes

I’ve been in love with soups for a few months, with a particular passion for the cream soup. They are warm, comforting, healthy, light, nourishing and easy to prepare. I love to go to the market and choose the vegetables, go back home and start cleaning and chopping carrots, pumpkin, potatoes, celery and so on. I can smell the freshness of vegetables and it makes me feel so close to the earth where these products come from. There’s lots of ways to cook a delicious vegetable soup and it’s nice to change, experiment and create new recipes.

Here are my 5 favorite cream soups, the ones I love to prepare and eat in cold evenings. The portions are for 4 if you plan to have another course either before or after the soup, otherwise the portions have to be considered for 2 people.


I found out this recipe thanks to Giallozafferano (famous Italian food blog) and I fell in love with it, especially because it taught me how to use lettuce in an different way!

Start making the vegetable stock (750cl). Sweat the sliced leeks in a pot with some oil. Take the lettuce and get rid of the external leaves, use the remaining leaves, wash and slice them into strips and add them to the pot until the leek becomes translucent. Cook for a few minutes and then add the stock. Keep cooking for 20 minutes on low heat, adding salt and pepper if necessary. Drain the lettuce and blend it separately. Add 30g of breadcrumbs to the water you used to cook and stir gently. Add the cream of lettuce and keep cooking it until you get the desired texture.

Lettuce and yogurt cream soup with homemade brown bread © Sg

Lettuce and yogurt cream soup with homemade brown bread © Sg

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One night camping in the desert of Morocco

I spent last Christmas holidays traveling Morocco. A wonderful trip started with the ocean breeze in Casablanca and continued on dusty roads searching for the desert. After a couple of days in Fez and a night spent in the countryside among the palms, we arrived to the desert and I strongly recommend the experience: sleeping under the stars of Moroccan sky is an incredible experience.

We spent a night in the desert camp Ali and Sara located in the Erg Chebbi dunes close to Merzouga. That day we arrived in Merzouga, where we met one of the guys from Ali and Sara. We left the car there, we jumped on the camels and we started the amazing 2.5 hour ride among the sandy dunes to reach the campground.

Our footprints in the sand

Our footprints in the sand © Sg

Once arrived there, we left our stuff in our tent  and we enjoyed a delicious vegetarian lunch prepared by the on-site chef. The tented camp is made of 8 tent bedrooms and some common areas, all of them traditionally decorated. All the guys who work there come from Berber families, they are very proud of their origins and they share their stories with a lot of sentiment. I carry with me the memory of their beautiful songs about life and stars.

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Take me to the sea (in Holland)

It took me a while to understand it’s possible to go to the beach in the Netherlands. When I moved to Amsterdam I didn’t realized the sea was so close and that it implied the presence of the beach. I realized that after a few months, when the summer broke – well let’s say when the temperatures reached 20/25 °C – and my Dutch friends started asking “so, shall we go to the beach this weekend?”.

The beach is wide and sandy, while the sea…well, I must say it’s not  as clear and warm as the sea in Sardinia. The water is very clean, but the wind lifts the sand and makes the sea dark and unwelcoming. I like it anyway, maybe because I spent lots of summers in Romagna region in Italy, where the sea is not crystalline at all.

Zandvoort beach

Zandvoort beach © Sg

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2 nights in Paris

I promised to myself every year I’ll spend a weekend in Paris: I believe it’s good for the heart and it fills the soul with beauty.

Let’s face it: Paris is a huge and extremely touristy city and Parisians usually look people up and down (assuming they take the trouble to look at us…), but it’s tremendously intriguing and it’s hard not to resist to its charm.

Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame de Paris © Sg

Every time I go to Paris I like to stay in hotels in some central areas (like Marais, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Latin Quarter, etc …), but this year I decided to change, opting for a more authentic area.

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