My 10 favorite patisseries in Milan

Patisserie is something really serious: scientific dosages, endless experiments, secret recipes, all of that to create something able to transform even the worst day into something acceptable. I am a great lover of good patisserie and I’m always looking for the perfect croissant, the cake that makes everyone happy at a dinner with friends and beautiful pastries to take to mom on Sundays. After years of search and tastings, I think I’m ready to make the list of my 10 favorite patisseries in Milan!

1) Best patisseries in milan – SISSI

If you want to have the best croissant in Milan, you’ll find it in this fantastic patisserie run by an Italian-Senegalese family. The venue is very small and crowded during the weekend, but the custard and the chocolate cream are really worth it. Not to be missed the savory croissants filled with ham.
ADDRESS: piazza Risorgimento 6, Milan

Sissi - one of my favorite patisseries in Milan

Sissi – one of my favorite patisseries in Milan @ Nuok


Vintage atmosphere and pastel colors in this beautiful pastry shop located in front of the better-known restaurant. I recommend to go there just to please your eyes. While you’re there, order a fruit tart: they’ll blow your mind.
ADDRESS: via Sottocorno 5, Milan

Da Giacomo

Da Giacomo


Acquired by Prada group a few years ago, Marchesi opened new branches in via Montenapoleone and more recently in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Call me snobby, but to me Marchesi will always be only the historical patisserie located in via Santa Maria alla Porta (close to Corso Magenta), with its unique atmosphere and charm of old times in Milan. The slices of panettone baked in the oven and offered during Christmas time are amazing.
ADDRESS: Via Santa Maria alla Porta 11a, Milan


Marchesi @ Luukmagazine

4) BEST patisseries IN MILAN – KNAM

Ernst Knam, German pastry chef who became a celebrity in Italy thanks to TV channel Real Time, is the soul of this patisserie in Milan where they cakes and chocolate-based creations are offered. My favorite cake of all time is called Giulio: black shortcrust, mou, dark chocolate ganache and salt. Simply divine!
ADDRESS: Via Anfossi 10, Milan

Knam's cake Giulio

Knam’s cake Giulio

5) BEST patisseries IN MILAN – PAVÉ

Pavé has become in a very short time one of the most well-known patisseries in Milan for all breakfast and sweets lovers. The room is bright, full of vintage furniture and has a hipster Scandinavian vibe. I really like the huge wooden table in the center, perfect to enjoy a raspberry pastry with cappuccino while reading the newspaper.
ADDRESS: Via Felice Casati 27, Milan


Pavé @


Their little pastries are the perfect pairing to a lovely lunch on Sunday. Enjoy this small moment of real pleasure.
ADDRESS: Via Giovanni Cagliero 14, Milan

7) BEST patisseries IN MILAN – TAVEGGIA

Historical venue with an elegant and austere atmosphere of the typical Milanese café in the early twentieth century. I love going there whenever I’m in the city centre to enjoy a coffee with a pastry.
ADDRESS: Via Visconti di Modrone 2, Milan

8) BEST patisseries IN MILAN – CLIVATI

One of my favorite winter rites? Come to the tea room of this patisserie to enjoy their sweet delicacies with a coffee.
ADDRESS: Viale Coni Zugna 57, Milan

9) BEST patisseries IN MILAN  DA MASSIMO

Are you going to spend some relating time at the SPA located in Porta Romana? If you want your day to become perfect,  just turn the corner and buy yourself something sweet at Da Massimo pastry shop.
ADDRESS: Via Ripamonti 5, Milan

10) BEST patisseries IN MILAN  GATTULLO

My university is close by to this place, so I came here quite often for 5 years. Their Sachertorte could compete with the original one at Hotel Sacher in Vienna.
ADDRESS: Porta Ludovica 2, Milan

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