Costa Smeralda: my holiday in Sardinia

A few weeks ago I went to Sardinia for the first time in my life. You know what they say: you travel around the world but you don’t know the wonderful places of your own country. Well, there you go.  I decided to start from the area I’ve always heard marvelous things: Costa Smeralda in Northern Sardinia. And as expected, I fell in love. Not only for the crystal sea, the enchanting Mediterranean nature and the amazing traditional cuisine, but also because – since I was there in June during the low season – I’ve met just a few tourists and I had the opportunity to enjoy the  peace of that wonderful place.

Capriccioli beach in Costa Smeralda

Capriccioli beach in Costa Smeralda © Sg

Sunset in Baja Sardinia

Sunset in Baja Sardinia© Sg

The most beautiful beaches of Costa smeralda

Needless to say, people usually go to Sardinia for the sea and the beaches. The sea is full of blue shades while the white and soft sand alternates with impressive granite cliffs. When the plants are blooming the scent of jasmine is everywhere and the eyes light up watching the purple bougainvillea.

Here are the beaches not to be missed:

  • Capriccioli: the twin beaches of Capriccioli are very well known and for a good reason. The fine and clear sand is surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub. You can find sun beds, umbrellas and an big parking close to the beach. For those who love comfort.
  • Liscia Ruja: a fairly long strip of sand compared to Costa Smeralda standards, there are several beach clubs with facilities. For people who love walks on the sand.
  • Spargi island: Spargi is an island that belongs to the Maddalena archipelago where you can also find the wonderful beach of Cala Corsara, accessible only by sea. You can reach it by private boat or joining the tours that leave from Baja Sardinia or from Palau. For those who love the wilderness.
  • Pevero: Pevero beach offers a sea with a thousand shades of blue. For those who still don’t believe that Sardinia looks like the Caribbean sea.
  • Mortorio island: this small island is located in front of Cala di Volpe and it’s a protected area, so navigation and bathing are prohibited. It’s worth taking a look though (keep my  suggestion for yourself). For those who feel brave.
  • Marinella: beautiful large beach close to Porto Rotondo and Golfo Aranci. For those who want go to the beach even when it’s windy.

Spargi island © Sg

Liscia Ruja

Liscia Ruja beach © Sg

Mortorio island

Mortorio island © Sg

where to eat IN COSTA SMERALDA

Sardinian cuisine is extremely various and that’s the result of a pastoral and fishing tradition. The dishes range from cheese to meat and roasted fish. Among the best known dishes and products there are: porceddu, a suckling pig which has been slowly roasted for hours, malloreddus, a charateristic type of fresh pasta, carasau bread, crispy discs-shaped bread (it’s even more delicious in the other version called guttiau) and seadas, a dessert made of cheese, semolina and honey.

Here are the best places of Costa Smeralda where you can taste the amazing Sardinian food:

  • Agriturismo Murualvata next to San Pantaleo: set menu of 5+ very tasty courses, this is the perfect place when the weather is bad and you want to try the real Sardinian cuisine far from the chaos of the coast.
  • Trattoria Rossi in Pittulongu: seafood restaurant overlooking the beach. Very kind staff and incredible fish-based dishes. Highly recommended.
  • Phi Beach in Baja Sardinia: one of the most popular lounge bars and restaurants in Costa Smeralda. Whether you decide to have some food or not, you have to come here because it’s the best location in Sardinia to admire the sunset.
  • Ristorante Giagoni: cozy and very well decorated restaurant  overlooking the main square of San Pantaleo, a small town colonized by artists.
  • Frati rossi in Porto Cervo: located on a hill, it has a terrace with a wonderful sea view. Simple but fresh and quality dishes.

Porceddu © Sg


Malloreddus © Sg

Grilled fish at Trattoria Rossi

Grilled fish at Trattoria Rossi © Sg

Seada with milk and cheese

Seada with milk and cheese © Sg

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