The 10 best coffee spots in Amsterdam

I’ve recently found out that coffee in Australia is something people take very seriously. My Australian colleagues told me their love/ obsession for coffee (and coffee spots!) belongs to Italian and Greek immigrants who moved to Australia after the second world war and started sharing their biggest passion. There’s a lot of criteria to be considered to judge the quality of a coffee: how the bean has been roasted, the temperature/ quantity/ quality of milk, the texture of the foam and – why not – the uniqueness of coffee milk designs.

The most popular coffee beverage in Australia is the flat white, made by pouring steamed milk over a double shot of espresso. But also cappuccino, espresso, macchiato and latte go strong. It’s quite a cultural shock for Australians who live abroad not having the chamce to enjoy great coffee made by their trusted barista. After a search of months, one of my Australian colleagues wrote down his personal list of best coffee spots in Amsterdam and he shared it with me!

One of best coffee spots in Amsterdam

One of best coffee spots in Amsterdam @ Bakers and Roasters FB page

10 best coffee spots in Amsterdam


Born from the partnership between a New Zealanders lady and a Brazilian guy, Bakers and Roasters serve delicious hot beverages and good food for breakfast, brunch and lunch. Very popular, it can be quite packed during the weekend (be prepared to queue for 30 minutes) – but their Eggs Royale worth waiting.

LOT 61

Lot 61 was founded by the same person who opened some of the bars included by the New York Times in the ‘Top Ten All-Time Great Coffee Spots in Manhattan and Brooklyn’. The resume speaks for itself.


Among the best coffee roasters in Amsterdam, White label sell exquisite beans also on their online shop.


Located in the back of a shop that sells stuff for cyclists, this bar serves also croissants and  sandwiches. Perfect for a break from chaos.


Interesting selection of beans in this cute place in the heart of Jordaan.


Super popular spot in De Pijp, they serve great coffee and it’s a very nice choice for an easy lunch with friends..


Valid option for a break or for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s located in a former cinema.


Excellent coffee beverages, Caffenation is a great venue to relax or work at the computer.


Although it’s a chain (not a great fan), here you can have one of best flat white in Amsterdam.


This place wasn’t mentioned in the list my friend gave me, but I want to recommend it because I love it! Small but with a very good vibe, there’s nothing better to have breakfast seat outside in the sun!

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