Perfumes and fragrances: my favorite brands

I’m a perfume enthusiast: I love looking for new fragrances, understanding how my taste changes time after time and what’s the best scent that suits my skin. My preferences change according to my mood, the period of my life, the recent trips I’ve had, the memories I want to evoke. Here are my favorite perfume and fragrance brands!


Penhaligon's fragrances © Beauty Kiss

Penhaligon’s fragrances © Beauty Kiss

I still remember the day when I discovered this brand. It was December and I was in London visiting my sister who was living there at that time. I was walking in Regent Street charmed by the Christmas lights and the festive atmosphere we all could breathe when all of a sudden I came across a small but wonderful perfume shop selling only Penhaligon’s fragrances. I got curious and I entered: I got dragged in a sophisticated world made of luxury and precious ingredients embodied in a fragrance that can be easily worn everyday. My favorite fragrances are Juniper Sling, made of gin, cardamom and leather notes and Opus 1870, whose heart is made of roses, lemon and sandalwood.


Diptyque, fragranze per la casa

Diptyque, home fragrances © Diptyque

A few months ago I was in Paris and I went to the first Diptyque boutique located in Boulevard Saint Germain, 34 (’34’ is one of the most known Diptyque fragrances and it takes its name from the street number of the first store) and I immediately fell in love with it: a Parisian salon where everything seems beautiful and comforting. Diptyque was started by 3 people – a painter, a theater director and an interior designer – and today it’s recognizable for its ethereal perfumes and precious candles, made with a high percentage of natural oils and essences. My favourite fragrance is Philosykos, made of fig leaves and white cedar wood.


Byredo perfumes © Byredo

Byredo perfumes © Byredo

This brand was created by Ben Gorham, a Swedish guy who grew up between Stockholm, India, Canada and New York with a background in art. Gorham entrusted some of the best perfumers in the world to create fragrances that combine in a perfect way the freshness from Scandinavia and the Asian mystery. My favorite fragrance is Gipsy Water, made with juniper, pepper, lemon, bergamot, incense and pine.


Boule d'ambre

Boule d’ambre © L’Artesan Parfumeur

Artisan Parfumeur is a French niche brand and its greatest strength is the excellence in combining ingredients and unusual fragrances that have a very strong and evocative power. One of their products I love the most is the so called Boule d’Ambre, which isn’t a perfume, but a home fragrance and it’s made of crystals that release notes of amber, incense and wood.


Chanel N° 5

Chanel N° 5 © Chanel

Every time I wear Chanel fragrances I feel like I was hit by a wave of femininity and allure. Maybe it’s because I worked at Chanel for a while and I know that world, or maybe it’s because of the story of Coco Chanel that taught me a woman is nothing without her personality, or maybe it’s because as a young girl I fell in love with the seductive power of Marilyn Monroe and her N° 5. My favorite fragrances ever: Chance Eau Fraîche for the summer and Allure Sensuelle for the winter.

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