The best restaurants in Milan I have been recently

You probably know I love eating out, especially when the venue is cozy, the food is delicious and I’m with someone who I care about. Since I have been living in the Netherlands for almost 2 years, it’s not that easy to try new restaurants in my beloved Milan, but I always try to catch-up when I go to Italy to visit family and friends! Here are the restaurants in Milan I tried recently and I fell in love with!


Ubarba, interior

Ubarba, interior © Sg

One of my favorite places in Milan by far. At Ubarba, you can feel at home, the atmosphere and the vibe are just lovely, the food looks cooked from your imaginary grandmother from Genoa who gives you love through good and simple food: focaccia, trofie with pesto, testaroli, pansoti with walnut sauce, ravioli, cima. It’s amazing to have dinner in summer in the inner courtyard close to the pétanque field. Smart (and efficient) idea the menu for groups. The cost of the dinner is around 25/30€.

ADDRESS: Ubarba, via Decembrio 33 Milan


Potato creamy soup with tomato petals at Lile in cucina's

Potato creamy soup with tomato petals at Lile in cucina’s © Sg

I discovered this restaurant in one of Milan neighborhoods I love the most (Indipendenza/ Tricolore square). I was looking for a nice, good and cozy restaurant for an intimate dinner with girlfriends, while a friend of mine told me: ‘why don’t you try Lile? I’m sure you are going to love it’. She was right and it’s been so natural to feel at ease in this place: soffuse lighting, just a few tables, relaxed sourraunding, friendly staff, simple food with an original touch. The dinner cost starts from 35/40€ without wine.

ADDRESS: Lile in cucina, Via Francesco Guicciardini 5 Milan


People who live in Milan know it’s almost impossible to find a beautiful and good restaurant in the city center without spending a fortune. I finally found the exeption that proves the rule: Spazio Milano, the workshop-restaurant where the chefs are trained by the 3 Michelin star chef Michelin Niko Romito. The venue is located at the third floor of a new food market called ‘Mercato del Duomo’ – which means Duomo market, you can find more info here – and has a splendid dining room facing the Duomo cathedral. The design is minimal and they care a lot about the details, the staff is fresh and friendly, the menu is not that complicated but the dishes are full of research and technique (yes, you can definitely perceive a 3 Michelin star chef oversight). The cost of the dinner is around 40€, without wine. Strongly recommended.

Linguine with turnip tops and and vongole

Linguine with turnip tops and and vongole © Sg

ADDRESS: Spazio Milano, piazza del Duomo (c/o Mercato del Duomo) Milan


Erba brusca, outside terrace

Erba brusca, outside terrace © Sg

I wish I could have opened Erba brusca because it’s different and unique. It’s a bit outside the city, along a canal called Naviglio pavese and it’s basically a modern osteria in a very nice and pleasant context whose heart is the lovely vegetable garden in the back.  A lot of fine herbs and vegetables have been cultivated, which will be used to prepare the dishes: a nice bond with nature and the soil, reflected also by the fact they buy the other ingredients from sustainable and small producers. I liked the ‘surprise from the chef’ menu a lot: 4 courses at 32€ (it’s possible to have blind wine pairing for extra 25€). It’s lovely to have dinner in the backyard in summer.

ADDRESS: Erba brusca, Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 286 Milan


Ratanà menu

Ratanà menu © Sg

Rataná is a very well-known and celebrated restaurant and it’s located in a beautiful liberty-style building next to Isola district, the coolest area of Milan. The quality of ingredients is quite high – in the menu there’s a lot of products from Slow Food – with a special focus on seasonal and local ingredients, the dishes are well executed. Last time I went I’ve ordered a nice aubergine flan and the guineafowl cooked with Pinot noir wine. Cost of the dinner: 50€ without wine.

ADDRESS: Rataná,  Via Gaetano de Castillia 28 Milan

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