3 best cheesecakes in Milan

I’ve recently discovered the cheesecake. In the past I’ve always avoided it: I thought it was a dessert with no soul, so American, so cheesy, so…too much. Maybe it was because I had never understood the role of philadelphia cheese in a pie or maybe I had never tasted a great cheesecake.

Thanks to a trip in the US, to my sister’s passion for this dessert and to an amazing recipe from my mom, I’ve finally understood the tastiness of this cake and I decided to have a tour of best patisseries in Milan to discover the best cheesecakes in the city.

Here are my favorite ones:


Every time I go to California Bakery for a coffee, I think: ‘this time I can resist, I can make it’ and I always end up ordering a piece of cheesecake. I try to find an excuse to justify gluttony (something like: ‘I swear this week I’m going to do a lot of sport!’) and I abandon myself to the total enjoyment of this amazing cheesecake. Whether at a table in lovely Sant’Eustorgio square or by one of the windows in Via Larga or squeezed in Viale Premuda, life is too short to deprive yourself of this delicacy!

ADDRESS California Bakery via Larga 19, Milan / Piazza Sant’Eustorgio 4, Milan

Blueberry Cheesecake by California Bakery © California Bakery

Blueberry Cheesecake by California Bakery © California Bakery

cheesecake by BIANCOLATTE

D i v i n e. I don’t know how else I can define it. This cheesecake is a thinner and lighter version of the one you can get at California Bakery, and it can help you feeling better during the worst days. Biancolatte is a lovely bar/ patisserie/ bistro where you can have a coffee or a snack or you can buy a cake for a special dinner or have lunch with colleagues or dinner with friends. There’s a bright and embracing atmosphere, if it weren’t for the crowd (especially early in the morning and during lunchtime) it would seem to be at home.

ADDRESS Biancolatte via Turati 30, Milan


Biancolatte © Biancolatte


I found out this little gem in a rainy Sunday while I was having a walk in Brera neighborhood and it was love at first sight. This tiny patisserie – with a warm and lovely atmosphere even if it gets packed very quickly – offers cupcakes, pies, croissants, a lot of different cakes…and one of the best cheesecakes I’ve ever tasted. Believe me, you have to try it!

ADDRESS Di Viole di Liquirizia via Madonnina 10, Milan

Cheesecake at Di Viole di Liquirizia's

Cheesecake at Di Viole di Liquirizia’s © Di Viole di Liquirizia

Do you know any other special place in Milan where I can get a great cheesecake?

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