The best pizza hotspots in Amsterdam

I always love trying different kinds of cuisine and I must say in Amsterdam it’s quite easy to find good Chinese/Thai/Indian/Indonesian/French (and many many more) restaurants. If someone asked me “what dish would you bring if you had to move to another planet?”, I would reply with no hesitation: pizza! Pizza is home to me, if I think about it and I get instantly hungry, it is one of the beautiful things Italia made. But pizza is serious stuff and it’s not easy to find a very good pizzeria, especially outside Italy. It’s all about good ingredients, natural raising, wooden oven and a proper cooking time.

Here is the list of my favorite pizzerias in Amsterdam, where you can have amazing pizza Italian style!


Pizza margherita at Fuoco Vivo, Amsterdam

Pizza margherita at Fuoco Vivo, Amsterdam © Sg

My favorite pizzeria is Fuoco Vivo, a restaurant in De Clercqstraat with a great pizza. Always cooked in an excellent way and with good ingredients. I still remember the first time I called to reserve a table for dinner and they picked the phone talking in Italian: I felt so much at home! Bonus: the outside tables, nice for summer dinners.
ADDRESS: Fuoco Vivo – De Clercqstraat 12 Amsterdam


Vegetarian pizza at Sotto

Vegetarian pizza at Sotto © Sg

A lot of people consider it as one of the best pizzeria Amsterdam, and I agree. Two restaurants in the city, I usually go to the one in Amstelveenseweg: nice brick wall, wooden oven decorated with mosaics, cozy atmosphere. Their food always represents a guarantee. Always better to make a reservation.
ADDRESS: Sotto – Amstelveenseweg 89 o Roelof Hartstraat 27, Amsterdam


Pizza at Pazzi

Pizza at Pazzi © Sg

This pizzeria is located in a small alley in the Jordaan, where you can have thin crust pizza. There’s just a few tables – that’s the reason why they opened also another restaurant in West. The stuff is not the friendliest you can find in Amsterdam, but there’s a nice vibe.
ADDRESS: Pazzi – 1e Looiersdwararsstraat 4 or De Clercqstraat 93, Amsterdam


Impossible not to mention this nice restaurant in the middle of Jordaan – some people call this street ‘Little Italy‘ due to the high concentration of Italian restaurants. Thin crust pizza, you can either take away your food or enjoy it seated in the front restaurant.
ADDRESS: La Perla – Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 14 & 53, Amsterdam


Chef Ciro is very proud of the pizza he makes and of the ingredients he uses (all imported from Italy). He displayed all the ‘Best pizza in Holland’ awards close to the wooden fire. Strongly recommended!
INDIRIZZO: MangiAmore – Maasstraat 12, Amsterdam


Very kind staff in this small and cozy restaurant in the city centre. And they serve a great pizza as well!
INDIRIZZO: La Zoccola del Pacioccone – Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 22, Amsterdam

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